Fux Advogados was founded from the combination of Rodrigo Fux and Leonel Pittzer’s experience in complex litigation in each of their respective areas of expertise.

With his many years of practice in Strategic Litigation (Civil, Administrative and Corporate), in 2009 Rodrigo Fux joined forces with Leonel Pittzer, who had over 10 years of experience in Tax Law.

The synergy of these areas of practice and the personal and professional ideals of the partners has created a law firm dedicated to corporate clients. A firm that has goal orientated professionals with the highest technical skills who alway maintain their humanistic, ethical and moral values.


Rua Barão da Torre, nº 368, Ipanema
Rio de Janeiro – RJ – Brasil CEP: 22411-000
Tels.: (+55) 21 3520 5900 | (+55) 21 3553 5900

Rua Iguatemi, nº 192, conjunto 191 Itaim Bibi
São Paulo – SP CEP 01451-010
Tels.: +55 (11) 4063-6646 | +55 (11) 4380-6086